This year we have chosen very carefully the DJs who can bring emotion and inspiration to a black and white scene. We are very excited to present to you our TDJ lineup of this year’s Tango Story!

Guillermo Monti (Argentina - Germany)

Guillermo Monti
(Argentina – Germany)

Guillermo is coming from a big family of tango dancers and musicians from Argentina. As a DJ, whether he is playing digital music or original vinyl, it is very important to him that the dancers can hear the best possible quality of music in all senses.

“I saw most of the orchestras in Buenos Aires playing live, when I was a child and went to milongas with Mom and Dad who loved dancing. My mom used to rock me to sleep singing tango songs. Somehow, I know every tango song, every orchestra, every singer, and have learned all of this unconsciously growing up. It surprises me even now.”


Demian Wassermann
(Argentina – France)

Demian started listening to tango way before he danced. Twenty years ago you could find him spending countless long nights with an ear stuck to his hometown’s tango radio station.

Since 2010 he has DJed in different events in the Americas and Europe. Having moved to Paris in 2017 he can be often seen dancing and playing music in Parisian milongas.

While TDJing Demian enjoys providing a cozy atmosphere for the dancers. Walking through different epochs of tango music, he loves connecting with the dancing crowd and, sensing what makes them click, weaving a tissue between rhythmic and melodic, romantic and fun.

Demian Wassermann (Argentina - France)


Athena Ieromnimon (Greece)

Athena Ieromnimon

Athena has always had a very special and deep connection to music. Since a little girl she enjoyed making thematic music lists, so Tdjing came to her naturally.

She has heightened intuition and sensitivity so she easily receives the energetic vibes from the pista. She always seeks the clearest & finest sound quality for her music. Lyrics and emotions are also of great importance for her.


Adrienn Csengeri

Adrienn is one of the most popular DJs in Budapest, her popularity lays on her playful, easy going and creative style that is reflected in her playlists every time. Occasionally she even spices up her sets with nuevo/alternative tandas with a good taste that even skeptical can enjoy. She chooses the classical with the same good and colorful taste, making a balance between rhythmical and melodically tandas from the golden age through the ’60s-’70s. If there is a party time you can definitely count on her!

Adrienn Csengeri (Hungary)


Roxana Iovanesc (Romania)

Roxana Iovanesc

“I believe there is this moment for every tango dancer when the interest in music natuarlly spikes, even if only for exploring expresivity in his dance. For me, that moment came with an extra dose of curiosity: how can you use music in a milonga to amplify emotions. And I always aim for happiness.”